Digital Prayer Compass & Islamic Clock with 1500 Cities (AQ-1288) View larger

Digital Prayer Compass & Islamic Clock with 1500 Cities (AQ-1288)


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Size in Centimeters6.5x10
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Pocket size Digital Prayer Compass and Automatic Islamic Azan Clock. Find the Qibla quickly and easily with this digital compass. Built in sensor automatically detects north Qibla direction for the city selected during setup. Digital numbers adjust as you rotate the device to give you the accurate direction.

Great for Muslims who travel around the city, country or the world! It includes full prayer timings for 1500 cities and plays the azan when the time starts. Some other features include: daily alarm, Gregorian & hijri dates, temperature display, ability to adjust prayer times, and back light to see the device in the dark.


  • (i) 1.500 Cities qibla direction, azan times & world times
  • (2) Makkah full azan
  • (3) 5 pray times on screen with full azan automatically
  • (4) Auto digital compass
  • (5) Hijri and gregorian calendars
  • (6) Temperature: C or F
  • (7) Daily alarm
  • (8) Auto alarm
  • (9) Daylight saving time
  • (10) Delta function
  • (11) Snooze
  • (12) Full screen light
  • (13) 12/24 hour system

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Customer Review
Customer R. on 08/18/2011 I used to have a Casio prayer compass that served me for close to 10 years. But somehow, it just stopped working and I needed another one. This one is better, because it's simpler and you don't need to worry about longitude and latitude for any location.

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