Life of Muhammad - Madinah Period Part 1 (18 CDs)


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Publisher: Dar al-Basheer

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Format18 Audio CDs
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Life of Muhammad (S): Medinah Period 1 of 2 (18 CDs)

The Life of Muhammad (S): Madinah Period 1 of 2 is the second part of a three part series on the Sirah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S). The first part covered the Makkan era. This part focuses on the Medina era starting from the Hijrah up until the battle of the Trench.

The last part would insha'Allah cover the period between Hudaybiah and the death of the Messenger of Allah.

Here, Imam Anwar covers the first five years of the Medina era which include the all important events of the Hijrah, the establishment of the first Islamic State, the battle of Badr, the Battle of Uhud, and finally the battle of the Trench.


DISC 1: - Introduction - The Hijrah
DISCS 2-4: - The Establishment of the Islamic State
DISCS 5-7: - The Battle of Badr
DISC 8: - Events Between Badr & Uhud
DISCS 9-13: - The Battle of Uhud
DISCS 14-15: - Events Between Uhud and Al-Khandaq
DISC 16: - Banu al-Mustalaq - The Battle of the Trench
DISC 17: - The Battle of the Trench (continued)
DISC 18: - Banu Quraydah

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