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Unbreakable (16 CD Album)
  • Unbreakable (16 CD Album)
  • Unbreakable (16 CD Album)

Unbreakable (16 CD Album)

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ISBN     9781591441755 (1591441757)
$50.71 $59.95
Unbreakable (16 CD Album)

Unbreakable (16 CD Album)

$50.71 $59.95
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Author Kamal El-Mekki AbdulBary Yahya Waleed Basyouni Ronald Hassan & Sister Hana Gamal
Format Audio CD
Weight (lbs) 1.00

Complete Set of the NJ Dawah Conference. Includes lectures by the following speakers:

Kamal El-Mekki AbdulBary Yahya Waleed Basyouni Ronald Hassan & Sister Hana Gamal.

IT… teaches you to look out for others IT shows you the beauty of the soul IT helps you to be human, to forgive IT’s so flexible, breaking rules will sound boring IT’s simplicity makes you appreciate LIFE IT heals your pain and soothes your wounds IT’s foundations were laid by the humble, yet the VERY BEST OF MEN Legends have bowed down to IT in respect and found Courage in IT’s truth IT holds the secret for success IT’s all about surrendering Love to a Power greater than yourself IT has room for clemency, no matter how abysmal your past IT champions the cause of Freedom and the voice that goes with it. For eons, IT has been a small step for Man, a quantum leap for the soul of Mankind IT Comforts…Inspires…Rejuvenates…Makes you Confident…Spirited…Alive No amount of Drugs can parallel the Highs IT gives IT views Red, White, Black, Yellow, and Brown as colors on an artist’s palette Not men to create barriers in our bid for Harmony IT is the Hallmark of civilization, The Heart of Life Time has seen IT’s Tears and Trials…Time has also witnessed IT’s Triumphs IT is the wise man’s Talisman, the Intellectual’s thinking tool, The Brave man’s hope IT is not something to talk about IT is a way of Life IT’s not Attitude….IT’s Amelioration For all mankind, for all times Pure and Pristine…Untainted and Unchanged A 1400-year-old message of Love, Peace, Monotheism IT IS ISLAM You have only One Life, One Chance You also have a Choice Your Life and Chances are Transient But the Choice is yours to keep Let that Choice be…ISLAM ISLAM - LIVIN’ AHEAD OF TIME.


CD 1: Callers to the Truth -Part 1: History Lessons. By Kamal El-Mekki.

CD 2: Callers to the Truth -Part 2: Dawah Today. By Kamal El-Mekki

CD 3: Callers to the Truth -Part 3: 6 Billion Muslims. By Kamal El-Mekki.

CD 4: Aqeedah of the Da'iyah -Part 1. By Waleed Basyouni.

CD 5: Aqeedah of the Da'iyah -Part 2. By Waleed Basyouni.

CD 6: Purification of the Da'iyah. By AbdulBary Yahya.

CD 7: Dawah to the Nth Power. By Ronald Hassan.

CD 8: Assalam-u-Alaikum. By Kamal El-Mekki.

CD 9 - 11: Fiqh Ad-Dawah. By Waleed Basyouni.

CD 12 - 13: Shattering the Myth. By AbdulBary Yahya.

CD 14: The Great Alliance. By Sister Hana Gamal.

CD 15: Tafsir of Surah Hujurat, by AbdulBary Yahya & Dawah Squared, by Ronald Hassan.

CD 16: 360 Degrees. By Kamal El-Mekki


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