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AuthorIsam Rajab
FormatAudio CD
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Character development is a field often overlooked in most Islamic lectures today. Muslims should remember that being an effective worshipper starts with being an effective person. Managing time, planning, and concentrating on efficiency was exemplified by the Prophet (s), and must be an integral part of a Muslim's life today as well.

The best way to improve oneself is self-assessment. No one can see oneself as one does himself/herself. This fact has been realized by Shaikh Isam Rajab who has given Islamic way of self-assessment. This lecture contains the following::

  1. You: Who are you? Do you really know yourself ? are you aware of what you are capable of doing?
  2. Your Mission and Vision in Life: develop a mission and a vision for your life that will draw you near to Allah and benefit others.
  3. The Secret Law of Attraction: how to attract success and get it. How this secret works and people who have used it.
  4. Procrastination: what is it and how to avoid it.
  5. Effective Planning: get things done!
  6. Change Within: improve your current situation and change a thing to your benefit.

    Dr. Isam Rajab was born in Kuwait and graduated with a BA in Sharīʿah from the Islamic University of Madinah. He holds a Masters and Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from California University.

    Dr. Isam has over 10 years of experience as an Imam in the US and Kuwait. He has specialized in and is licensed to instruct in the inheritance system of Islam. He has 2 ijāzas in memorizing the Qurʾan and is the author of a book about the Qiraʾāt of the Qurʾan. He is the Founder of Arees Institute and Foundation. 

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