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Lion of Ain Jaloot (DVD)

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ISBN     800961401126

Lion of Ain Jaloot (DVD)

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Lion of Ain Jaloot an epic movie of historic dimension. It is the life story of one of the greatest Mulsim heroes, Seifuddin Qutoz.
Taking you back in history to the 13th Century, the story of Ain Jaloot recounts the remarkable true-life saga of a man who was born a prince, struggled as a slave, and left his legacy as a King.
This full-length feature film documents the life of Seifuddin Qutoz as he overcomes many obstacles in his life during one of the most challenging episodes in Islam's history.

Animation, Color, 60 minutes. DVD includes English and Arabic languages with subtitles.

ISBN: 1-932008-72-1 (1932008721)


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