Juz' Amma Teacher with Children's Repetition (2 CDs)


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Publisher: SoundKnowledge Audio

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Average rating: 10/10 - Number of reviews: 2
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AuthorMishary Rashid Al-Efasy
Format2 Audio CDs
Length (min)140
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Juz Amma Teacher is designed specifically for children using a unique approach that puts them in a fun and interactive environment of reciting Juz Amaa (Part 30 of the Quran). It actually makes them part of the learning process.

Each verse is recited with expert precision followed by a chorus of children repeating the same verse, thereby encouraging the young scholar to follow along and join in. From time to time, the Qari will stop and correct the children in verses where most make mistakes. With this classical proven method, the young scholar learns proper pronunciation and timing of this recitation as well as memorization of the Quran at his own pace.

Fresh from his worldwide success with his ever-popular recitation of the Qur'an, Qari Meshary Rashed Alafasy (Al-Efasy, Efasi, Affasi, Effasi, Effasy, Affasy) uses his clear and melodious voice to guide the young scholars through the last part of the Quran on two complete CDs.

* CD 1: From Surah An-Naas to Surah Al-Fajr
* CD 2: From Surah Al-Ghashiya to Surah An-Naba'
* Producer: SoundKnowledge Audio Publishers (2008)
* Format: 2 Audio CDs - Digitally Mastered
* Run time: ~140 minutes

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Customer Review
Customer R. on 03/29/2013 AlhamduliAllah! The Juz Amma with Reciter is masha ALLAH! As a revert to Islam I only know five surahs but now that I have children I really needed learn more Quran for and with my children. May Allah reward the brother reciting! His voice is so clear and I can hear the Arabic clearly. The only drawback is when I play it in the car I can't read along and I sometimes have to repeat on the cd player to get the words. If I would make this better I would have the brother repeat each line 2 or 3 times for beginners. Perhaps, have a beginner cd, intermediate and advanced. May Allah reward him!
Customer Review
Customer R. on 04/01/2014This is a wonderful collection of CDs. Meshary Rashid Al-Afasy has a very eloquent pronunciation, smooth and soothing, enunciating every sound of the Quranic Verses. The structure of this series is reminiscent of afternoon Quranic classes at masjids with kids encircling a Qari [reciter], reciting and repeating the verses of the Quran out loud. I got this for my kid to learn the recitation of the verses from the last juz of the quran, which has the smaller chapters/surahs usually recited in prayers. Having the kids repeat the ayah or verses after the Qari, I feel emphasized the importance of memorizing the verses by heart! The uniqueness of this series is during the recitation the Qari corrects the pronunciation of the kids by emphasizing the tone of the vowels, giving a naturality to the recitation. There is another version by SoundKnowledge where they have gaps in between the verses to allow for listener to repeat after the reciter: Juz Amma Teacher With Blank Space for Repetition after each Verse [2 CDs] by Meshary Rashid Alafasy. I would recommend this to parents that want to have some quranic emphasis in between travels to have playing in the car.

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