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Biography & History 3 products.

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Section contains audio lecture CDs on biography of the Prophets from Adam to Muhammad (S), sahabah, imams and Islamic history in general.

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Jahiliyyah (CD)

Dr. Bilal Philips explains how the Muslim world today has re-entered such blind-following in a form of 21st Century Jahiliyyah. You will learn the reasons such modern Jahiliyyah has come about, and...

MQ28) $5.10 Regular price $6.95 Price
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Al-Andalus - History of Muslim Spain (2 CDs)

A golden civilization with immense contributions to Europe and beyond was led by Muslims. Take a journey through the past tracing the steps of those who built this powerful era, and those who let...

MQ20) $9.18 Regular price $11.95 Price
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Glimpses From The Hijrah (CD)

Every one has heard of the 'Hijra' or migration, of the prophet (salaallah alaih wa sallam) and hiscompanions. However, every few comprehend itΓÇÖs profound significance. Yasir Birjas brings to...

ME15) $6.95 Price
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