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Dar-Us_Salam Publications
As expected
Mohammad K.06/27/2020
MY 1ST time shopping online, it was a recommended site by a friend whose ordered some.
I saw the catalog sent with my shipping.
Thank You.
Sabah Umer S.06/25/2020
I have been looking for a dictionary English to Arabiaic can’t find pocket size.
Christopher W.06/25/2020
Great products, great service, prompt delivery
No complaints. I’m a very satisfied customer.
Shahanaz A.06/23/2020
Was fast and easy.
WILLIAM J.06/22/2020
Online shop
Great eExperience
Iqbal K.06/22/2020
lulu wa marjan
these books are must reads and every muslim must give some attention to the hadith of the prophet muhammad peace be upon him
Roland K.06/22/2020
Good again
as usual
Kristin N.06/22/2020
Shipping speed good, customer service good, and well packaged.
Kristin N.06/22/2020
Great collection
Big collection with variety of quality Islamic books. My favorite book store. Purchasing to shipping were also easy, fast and efficient. Thank you. I’m very pleased.
Ryan C.06/22/2020
Jazzakullah Khayran
Jahan S.06/19/2020
Highly recommended

Khaja Hussain S.06/18/2020
Good Service
Great book selection, and customer service
Omar A.06/18/2020
Thank you so much. They gave me
Complimented delivery. Arrived before time. Thanks You once a again
Tanzeela K.06/17/2020
Musnad of Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal
Laurence G.06/17/2020
Speedy Service
The service was seamless--I received my order earlier than the scheduled date. Very happy with the company, will certainly come back here for my Islamic resources.
Fariya N.06/17/2020
My Review
Alhamdulillah very satisfied! I bought the “TAFSIR IBN KATHIR 10 volume set” as well as the “AL-BIDAYAH WAN NIHAYAH 7 set including the 8th book that is apart of the set but it doesn’t come with the set so I had to purchase that separately “BOOK OF THE END - GREAT TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS”
My main concern is usually when the products that I buy especially when buying online I love for the items to be in the best of condition and that they have to be aligned with the recommendations of scholars wether that be from the editions of the books or if they have had their corrections to the latest of versions, their authenticity is important on and so forth. I try to do the best research that I can before buying books which should be necessary for anyone especially when it’s regarding the knowledge that you are seeking so take your time and get recommendations from your scholars and make your own efforts be for the best of the best inshallah.
Also I want to mention that being online doesn’t really help you feel at ease, not knowing what it is that you will receive especially when making a big purchase but thankfully to the staff at dar-us-salam I am great-full to those who have helped accommodate my requests and were able to reach beneficial knowledge to my doorstep Alhamdulillah.
Their service to truly help the customers is above and beyond and I really appreciate them taking the time to respond with urgency to my emails regarding my concerns.
Could not explain the joy I felt when I had received the books the way I wanted them and realizing I had made one of my first big purchases on the path of seeking knowledge and it is all worth it.
I also want the reader of reviews to know that my praise for them is for their duty that they have fulfilled and the hard work that goes unnoticed behind this and so long as they’re honest then there is nothing better that you can ask for so remember to always have good expectations.
May Allah reward you all for your help and all the work each and every staff member does for reaching these gems to the ummah where ever they may be and May Allah increase the authors and contributors to the writings of these books for allowing beneficial knowledge to reach the ordinary person

Jazakallah Khair
From your brother OM
Osama M.06/16/2020
Thank You
I so glad to find the your Islamic Book Store and advise other Muslims to shop at the store.
Semiu O.06/16/2020
Dar-us-Salam Publications
Very good service.
Muhammad A.06/15/2020
Very easy to navigate, received my book quickly.
Elsendiera S.06/14/2020
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