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We are proud to introduce the 5 Pillars Card Games that we have just added to our inventory. There are 9 different items you can choose.. from the 4 full games to just the trivia questions in a cube shaped box. See the video below to see how they are played and choose one which fits your needs. There are hundreds of great questions and answers which will not only be helpful for kids but adults as well. Islamic content authenticity has been verified by globally recognized institutions.

Reconnect with family and friends, learn more about the basics of Islam, and have fun!

Loved by thousands of families across the globe thanks to our unique gameplay experience, the Junior edition is a fun-filled way to rekindle your Islamic knowledge and create new memories to cherish with your loved ones. We recommend playing the Junior Edition with younger children, with those who are new to Islam, or those who are just starting their Islamic education.

How do I play? You'll get into two teams, select your level of difficulty for each topic, and answer questions to fill up the pillars on these topics: Pillars of Islam, Pillars of Iman, Quran, Sunnah, and Muslim Manners. Conquer all pillars across five difficulty levels before the other team to win!

How long is a game? As long as you want! Play for a couple of minutes or all night, but we recommend playing until you have conquered all the pillars of Islam.

5Pillars - Junior Edition

For: 2-10 Players, Ages 6+. Time ~30 minutes. 500 Questions.

What's included: * 500 Quiz Cards * Game Board * 50 Pillar Tiles * 5 Pillar Tokens * Plastic Card Tray * Instruction Manual * Comes in a 10x10x3" retail/storage box

CP03) $25.95 [BUY]


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