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The Qur'an DVD with English Translation

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The Qur'an DVD with English Translation

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Format Video DVD
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The Qur'an DVD - Look, Listen & Learn the Holy Qur'an.Certified by King Fahad Holy Quran Printing Comples Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah.

Features of the Brand New Qur'an DVD:

  • The Entire Holy Qur'an on a single DVD.
  • Recitation of Qur'an by Sheikh Abdul Basit.
  • English Translation by Abullah Yousaf/Yusaf Ali read by Agaz Sadiq.
  • Highlight the verses during recitation for Arabic (Usmani Script) and for English.
  • Direct access to 114 Surats and from Surats to Chapters.
  • Navigation between verses.
  • Naskh script is used for the Arabic.
  • Change color while recitation of Arabic and English translation.
  • DVD is operational only on DVD player.
  • PAL & NTSC format support.
  • Watchable on TV and computer.
  • Broadcast quality.
  • Approved by the Authorized Proof Reader from Govt of Pakistan.

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