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Jewels from The Noble Qur'an (CD)

Code   MD004
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Jewels from The Noble Qur'an (CD)

Available Quantity: 17


Format Audio CD
Length (min) 80

This beautiful audio CD contains recitation of important selected Surahs & verses from the Noble Quran with by verse by verse English translation. Recitation is done by Sheikh Nadir Al-Qallawi & English read by Bilal Abdul-Karim.

CD contains the following Surahs & selected verses:

  • Surah Al-Fatihah
  • Ayat-ul-Kursi
  • Last Verses of Al-Baqarah
  • Surah Yaseen (#36)
  • Surah Ar-Rahman (#55)
  • Surah Al-Waqiah (#56)
  • Verses of Asmaul Husna (Surah 59 Al-Hashr, verse 22-24)
  • Surah Ikhlas (#112)
  • Surah Al-Falaq (#113)
  • Surah An-Nas (#114)

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I love the Qur'an!!!
rating 10
Wonderful recitation of these surahs and very affordable too.
rating 10
Jewels from the Noble Quran CD
rating 10
Beautiful recitation of the Quran.


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