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Recitations By Imam Sodais (CD)

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Recitations By Imam Sodais (CD)

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Format Audio CD

Audio CD includes Azan, Surah Fatihah, Yaseen, Ar-Rahman, Al-Mulk, Al-Waqiah and Dua Khatmul Quran.Recitation by the renowned Imam of Haram Makkah, Sheikh Abdur Rahman al-Sodais (Sudays, Soudais, Sudais).

Recitation by Imam Sodais
rating 10
Very nice recitation love it
Good Quality
rating 8
overall the quality was great. The Surah Fatiha track was recorded with some background noise but the rest of the surah recitations were overall fine. Surah Yaseen was clearest audio.
rating 10


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