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Spear of the Devil + Bathe Yourself With Money (CD)

Code   ME11
ISBN     9781591447061 (1591447062)
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Spear of the Devil + Bathe Yourself With Money (CD)


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Author Muhammad al-Shareef
Format Audio CD
Weight (lbs) 0.12

This Audio CD Contains the following 2 Khutbahs:

Spear of the Devil
Muhammad Alshareef addresses the topic of being thankful to Allah for the guidance He has given us. He mentions that for those of us who are not thankful to Allah, a veil is put upon us, swallowed by disobedience. The blessings which Allah has given us such as our senses, if used in disobedience to Allah, become the spear of the devil instead of a protection.

Bathe Yourself With Money
Muhammad Alshareef creatively addresses the issue of brotherhood as being established first through salah, followed by the establishment of giving Zakah, the third pillar of Islam. He notes that one?s Islam does not stand up without Zakah, and when people give it, it must be given with an open heart. It is way to be thankful to Allah in recognition that wealth does not belong to us, it belongs to Allah.

5 stars
rating 10
Great speaker and a good listen to improve your eman and knowledge.


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