Can there be More than One Islam? (CD)

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AuthorJaafar Idris
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Muslim 1: "You know brother, it is haraam to borrow or lend money with interest." Muslim 2: "Well, that is your opinion on the matter, but not every Muslim agrees with you." Muslim 1: "It is not an opinion brother, it is an Islamic ruling which the Qur'an clearly states!" Muslim 2: "But there are different interpretations of the Qur'an, yours is only one among many, so you have no right to call it the Islamic ruling." Muslim 1: "So what is the Islamic ruling then?" Does this dialogue sound familiar? Are there really as many 'Islams' as there are interpretations of Islam?

Shaykh Jaafar Idris sheds light on this puzzling dilemma. This lecture uses great insight and wisdom to answer the question of whether or not there really can be multiple versions of Islam

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