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Life of Prophet Muhammad (S): Lessons & Morals (13 CDs)



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    rating Customer Review
    Customer R. on 09/02/2010 Excellent set for anyone who wants to understand the Prophet's [pbuh] life. Highly recommend for it's beautifully articulated entertaining style ~ my kids loved it.

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AuthorYasir Qadhi
Format13 Audio CDs
Length (min)14 hrs 50 min
Actual Weight0.76

Perhaps Muslims were never in Qreater need to study the Seerah of Prophet Mohammad ( pbuh) than in these' days. Because only by studying and following his methodology and footsteps can Muslims overcome the many obstacles that obstruct their path and reclaim the leadership role and position of the Ummah in the world, and deliver Allah's message to Mankind. In these illuminating lecture series, Yasir Qadhi gives the listener a full sense of the life and times of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh ) during the Makkah Period. Not only does he present us with a detailed account of the events that shaped his life but goes a step further to elicit from them valuable lessons and morals while relating them to the life of Muslims today. As a result listeners will gain insight into how Islam ought to be implemented and practiced. These lectures arc further distinguished by being highly academic and rich in both content and tone - a truly scholarly work usually found only in Arabic publications. Meticulously researched from the earliest and most reliable sources of Secrah in addition to the Qur'an and books of Hadith, they provide a full account and an essential basis for sincere study of the Secrah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) at a time when misrepresentations about his life and character have become all too common. The life of Prophet Muhammad: Makkan Period Lessons and Morals will undoubtedly provide the listener with invaluable guidance and inspiration to last a lifetime.

About the Speaker

Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi was born in Houston, Texas. He completed his primary and secondary education in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering, after which he went to pursue Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Madina. He received from there a Bachelors degree in Hadith and Islamic Sciences and a Masters degree in Islamic 'Agecdah. Besides his Islamic studies at the University of Madinat Abu Ammaar studied in the traditional manner under various scholars and acquired ljaazahs (certifications) in various recitations of the Qur'an. and in the Books of Hadith. At the present time he is completing a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies at Yale University Abu Ammaar has authored a great number of books, all of which are outstanding and well known to English speaking students of knowledge. including An Introduction to the Sciences of Qur'an, ii Wets to Increase Your Earnings, Du 'a the Weapon (Pule Believer. A Critical Study of'Shirk, and many others. He is also a recognized and esteemed lecturer with many lecture series including AI-Mandi between Fact and Fication and The Tiro Shahadahs: An In-Depth Study.

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