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Umar Ibn Alkhataab: His Life and Times (18 CDs)


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Publisher: Dar al-Basheer

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ISBN-10 1891540262
ISBN-13 9781891540264
Format 18 Audio CDs

This series of lectures covers the different aspects of the life of Ummar Ibn Alkhataab (Omar/Umer/Omer/Ummar bin Al-Khatab). The Imam brings to life stories from the golden era of Islam in a dynamic style and instills in the listeners a deep love for the Beloved of Allah (P.B.U.H.).

Table of Contents

  • CD1
    His character
    His life before Islam
    Embracing Islam
  • CD2
    Umar and the Quran
    Jihad with the Messenger of Allah
  • CD3
    Jihad with the Messenger of Allah (cont.)
    Incidents in Madinah
    Some of his virtues
  • CD4
    His virtues (cont.)
    The Advisor of Abu Bakr
  • CD5
    His appointment as Khalifah
    The inaugural address
    Foundations of Government
  • CD6
    Foundations of Government (cont.)
    Life as the Khilafah
  • CD7
    Umar with his family
    Umar and the Household of the Prophet
    Umar and the society
  • CD8
    Umar and the society (cont.)
  • CD9
    Enjoining good and forbidding evil
    Attention to Islamic rituals
  • CD10
    The nightly patrols
  • CD11
    The famine
    The plague
  • CD12-13
    Umar with his governors and army generals
  • CD14-15
    The Opening of the Persian Empire
  • CD16
    The Roman Front
  • CD17
    Comments on the Conquests
  • CD18
    His last days

Keywords: Umar, Umer, Ummer, Omar, Omer, Ibn Khattab, Khatab, Al-Farouq, Al-Farooq, 2nd caliph, second khalifah

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Customer Review
Customer R. on 09/02/2010 This collection was instrumental in changing my life for the better.
Customer Review
Customer R. on 09/02/2010 Disregarding controversy, the Imam gives an amazing account of Umar's [RA] life from beginning to end. Many gems along the way, invaluable information and duas and practices that we can apply in our everyday life. A masterpiece.

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