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A Muslim Child's Way of Life

Code   C32
ISBN     9789960861548 (9960861546)
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A Muslim Child's Way of Life

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Author Dar-us-Salam Research Division
Binding Paperback
Pages 30
Size in Inches 4.7x6.7
Size in CM 11.7x17
Edition 1s, 2002
Weight (lbs) 0.09

We published this book with two purposes in mind. One is to signify the meanings of the statement of Faith, which is Laa ilaaha illallaah; and what position it should hold in our lives. The conditions and the requirements of the statement of Faith are clearly described for our children in such a style that they will grasp it without any difficulty.

All the Articles of Faith have been explained to them in a very easy manner. In fact every child gets the clear idea of all the requirements of Faith by reading this book, and this was one aim which has been achieved in a perfect manner. The second aim was to promote healthy extracurricular activities in the school children. Various types of debates, writing competitions and sports produce sound effects both mentally and physically upon the children. They become fluent in expressing themselves through words whether it is by speaking or by writing. Such competitions increase the thinking capabilities of the children, making them creative and expressive.

Abdul Malik Mujahid
General Manager, Darussalam

I Recommend it
rating 10
I Recommend it
It's Okay
rating 4
Nothing particularly noteworthy for those who know the fundamentals of Islam.
A muslim childs way of life
rating 10
Goood thank u so much


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