Join our Book Club!

We are pleased to present Dar-us-Salam (DUS) Publications first ever Worldwide Bookclub! Our store located in Houston, Texas invites you, your family, and friends to participate with us in learning how to improve our lives using the deen.  We discuss the books using  hashtags #DUSbookclub  and #oneummah  using your videos, pictures, and descriptions of what you are reading in the book.  Moreover, once per month in person (for people in the Houston area) or live via Skype (for Muslims worldwide)  we will meet up and discuss the book together insha Allaah.  It's going to be so beneficial and fun insha Allaah!  

Order now and start reading to be apart of our strong, loving, intelligent Muslim Ummah network around the world.  Join Dar-us-Salam's Worldwide Book Club Today!