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Monday, October 7, 2013 - 2 Thul-Hijjah, 1434

Dear {{{name}}},
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh!

Alhamdulillah we are now in the 10 blessed days of Dhul Hijjah which are the best days ever created... even better in worship than Ramadan. So we must make our utmost effort to increase our adhkar and good deeds including fasting in these 10 days.

Narrated Ibn Abbas: The Prophet (S) said, "No good deeds done on other days are superior to those done on these (first ten days of Dhul Hijjah)." Then some companions of the Prophet said, "Not even Jihad?" He replied, "Not even Jihad, except that of a man who does it by putting himself and his property in danger (for Allah's sake) and does not return with any of those things." Read more.

May Allah accept the pilgrimage of all those who are going for Hajj and make it easy for those who have yet to go on this blessed journey. May Allah make this upcoming Eid blessed for the whole Ummah. Ameen.

Please note that sale prices are for limited time only. Sale items are not eligible for additional discounts. New & Featured

The Battle of Qadisiyyah 
- معركة القادسية 
By: Abdul Malik Mujahid 
Pages: 111 - Binding: Paperback 
304) Price: $7.95 Add to Cart 

The victory of Qadisiyyah heralded the downfall of the Sasanian Dynasty, paved the way for the conquest of Iraq and quickened Islamic expansion into Persia (Iran) and beyond. The Iranians had 240,000 troops, but the Muslims with about 30,000 soldiers Read more...
Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers 
- القصص الذهبية للأدعية المستجاب 
By: Abdul Malik Mujahid 
Pages: 287 - Binding: Hardback 
305) Price: $29.95 Add to Cart 

What are invocations? In a real sense these are requests which come from the bottom of our hearts to Allah Almighty. Allah is always ready and happy to receive prayers from anyone at any time. If you're facing any difficulties or trouble you should Read more...
Essentials of Quranic Arabic (2 Vol. Set) 
- أصول اللغة العربية القرآنية 
By: Masood Ranginwala 
Pages: 185+317 - Binding: Paperback 
R11) Price: $39.95 Add to Cart 

This two-volume series is a guide for those who want to understand the language of the Qur'an, and yearn to listen to it with comprehension. The methodology of this book is different from others in that conversational Arabic and non-Qur'anic vocabulary Read more...
Commentary on the Forty Hadith of Al-Nawawi (2 Vol. Set - NEW EDITION) 

By: Jamaal al-Din Zarabozo 
Pages: 1710 - Binding: Hardback 
R40) Price: $69.95 Add to Cart 

For the first time in English, a comprehensive work consisting of 2 Volumes commenting on al-Nawawi's Forty Hadith. If you enjoyed He came to teach you your religion, then you will certainly love to see the latest work Commentary on the Forty Hadith Read more...
Explanation of Riyad-us-Saliheen (2 Mp3 CDs) 

By: Mamdouh Mahmoud 
MC04) Price: $13.95 Add to Cart 

Explanation of Riyad-us-Saliheen by Sheikh Mamdouh Mahmoud on 2 Mp3 CDs covering the first 6 chapters of this great hadith book by Imam An-Nawawi. CD #1 contains 42 Mp3 files. First folder contains 20 files covering Ch 1-3 Hadith #1-24 with Read more...
The Concealed Pearl (CD) 

By: Abu Yusuf Tawfique Chowdhury 
MQ84) Price: $6.95 Add to Cart 

Some of the most amazing creations from Allah are pearls. They are one of the most unique and exquisite natural gemstones in the world. Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) wants the women of this earth to be righteous and as valuable as concealed pearls Read more...
Moving Mountains (CD) 

By: Abu Yusuf Tawfique Chowdhury 
MQ85) Price: $6.95 Add to Cart 

The natural world humbles itself only to Muslims with true Islamic spirit. Who are these special individuals, and what does it take to become one of them? This energetic lecture goes in-depth with many examples and practical techniques,  Read more...
Remembering Death (CD) 

By: Abu Yusuf Tawfique Chowdhury 
MQ86) Price: $6.95 Add to Cart 

We do not know if we will be entering the gates of paradise or being thrown into the fires of hell. Death is truly the destroyer of all pleasures, and each and every human will taste it. Brother Tawfique helps us realize that we too will one day Read more...
Allah's Generosity & What Did Warqah Say (CD) 

By: Waleed Basyouni 
MQ87) Price: $6.95 Add to Cart 

Brothers and sisters one day we will leave this dunya. Life is day and night, and there is no time to waste on useless things. This lecture helps Muslims suppress their fear of death and prepare for it instead. It helps us understand what we a Read more...
The Adaab of Differing (CD) 

By: Muhammad Al-Shareef 
MQ88) Price: $6.95 Add to Cart 

The Adaab of Differing takes a conclusive approach to the differences of opinion that occur in various settings. Many examples of past scholars are given to expound on these issues and how to handle them within the Islamic framework. More de Read more...
The Art of Dealing with a Husband (CD) 

By: Muhammad Al-Shareef 
MQ89) Price: $6.95 Add to Cart 

The art of dealing with a husband is often called ‘Halal Magic’, for indeed the charms of a woman are powerful. Once a woman masters this art, she will be successful in winning the heart of her husband and in achieving Jannah. Th Read more...
Qari Suhaib Ahmad (Mp3 CD) 
- القرآن الكريم بصوت القارئ صهيب أحمد 
MP20) Price: $6.95 Add to Cart 

Beautiful recitation of the whole Quran by Qari Suhaib Ahmad. CD contains 30 Mp3 files with each juz in 1 file. Read more...
Noble Qur'an Arb/Eng (Large HB) 

Pages: 868 - Binding: Hardback 
Q42) Price:  $25.95
On Sale: $22.95 Add to Cart 

The Noble Quran summarized in one volume by: Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan and Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali (click on names for biography) Interpretation of the meanings of the Noble Qur'an with Arabic text in the modern English language. Read more...
Islamic Guideline on Medicine ** ON SALE! 

By: Yusuf Al-Hajj Ahmad 
Pages: 285 - Binding: Hardback 
256) Price: $27.95
On Sale: $23.95 Add to Cart 

What is Islamic medicine? Is it medical knowledge that is completely subject to the will of Allah The Exalted, or is it the art of treatment adopted and followed by Muslims when the Muslims were at the peak of their development? Or is it the mos Read more...
End of the World ** ON SALE! 
- نهاية العالم - مع صور وخرائط 
By: Dr. Muhammad Al-'Areefi 
Pages: 425 - Binding: Hardback 
252) Price: $23.95
On Sale: $19.95 Add to Cart 

In recent times things have become very confusing and we have begun to see in book stores and on websites speculations about future events, based on ayah and hadeeths which refer to these future events concerning the signs of the Hour. Sometimes Read more...
Increase Your Knowledge on Islam (6 books) ** ON SALE! 
- Binding: Paperback 
089) Price: $19.95
On Sale: $14.95 Add to Cart 

This beautiful package is for new Muslims who want some detail knowledge of Islamic beliefs and acts of worship. It contains the following six books: - The Noble Quran in English with transliteration (part 30) - 100 Hadith about Islamic manners- Ou Read more...
Eid/Gift Cards from Holy Madinah ** ON SALE! 

162b) Price: $6.95
On Sale: $2.95 Add to Cart 

This beautiful package contains 12 glossy postcards with different pictures of Masjid al-Haram in Madinah al-Munawwarah. Cards come in a beautiful case with envelope for each card. Each card is about 7x5" and includes inside fold to write your Read more...
Islam - It's Foundation & Concepts ** ON SALE! 

By: Dr. Muhammad bin Abdullah As-Suhaym 
Pages: 246 - Binding: Hardback 
217) Price: $12.95
On Sale: $9.95 Add to Cart 

This book is undoubtedly a commendable attempt at showing the beauties of Islam to mankind, drawing a comparison between this great religion and other world religions in spiritual, moral, social and intellectual aspects and acquainting mankind wit Read more...
Seven Destructive Sins (Pocketsize) * ON SALE! 

By: Imam Adh-Dhahabi 
Pages: 55 - Binding: Hardback 
293) Price: $3.95
On Sale: $2.50 Add to Cart 

This book is a selection taken from the book, The Major Sins by Imam adh-Dhahabi, may Allah have mercy upon him. In it, the author discusses the Seven Destructive Sins that should be avoided. They include: taking equals with Allah, taking a life, so Read more...
Arabic: Al-Misbahul Munir Fee Tahdhib Tafsir Ibn Kathir 
- المصباح المنير في تهذيب تفسير ابن كثير 
By: Hafiz Ibn Katheer 
Pages: 1571 - Binding: Hardback 
A07b) Price: $39.95 Add to Cart 

-- المصباح المنير في تهذيب تفسير ابن كثير Abridged Tafsir Ibn Kathir complete in 1 volume. Al-Mesbahul Muneer Flyer Read more...
Arabic: La Tahzan [Don't Be Sad] ** New Edition 
- لا تحزن 
By: Dr. Aaidh Ibn Abdullah Al-Qarni 
Pages: 456 - Binding: Hardback 
A47) Price: $19.95 Add to Cart 

لا تحزن At a time in which the Muslims are beset with trials from every periphery and within, comes this heartening book rooted in the commandments of Allah (swt), the Sunnah and the excellent guidance and examples of the Muslims that haveRead more...
Sunan Abu Dawood (5 Vol. Set) 

By: Imam Abu Dawood Sulaiman bin Ash'ath 
Pages: ~660/book - Binding: Hardback 
H19) Price: $119.95
On Sale: $114.95 Add to Cart 

New edition of Sunan Abu Dawood in 5 volumes by Dar-us-Salam with commentary after each hadith. Unlike other prints, this edition has crisp and clear printing in deluxe 6x9" bounding. Like the other translations of the six books of hadith, Dar-us- Read more...
Bengali: Riyadh-us-Saliheen (2 Vol. Set) 

Pages: 1305 - Binding: Hardback 
LB07) Price: $39.95 Add to Cart 

An extremely popular and useful compilation of authentic hadith. Covering every aspect of Islamic belief and moral conduct, it selects approximately 2000 hadith from the six major collections: Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, An-Nisai and Ibn Read more...
Mushaf Madinah (Green Color) 

Pages: 604 - Binding: Hardback 
Q41) Price: $19.95 Add to Cart 

Medium size green color Mushaf printed by Majamma Malik Fahad and found in Haram Makkah, Madinah and many Masaajid around the world. Deluxe hardbound with fine paper and green background. More sizes available under related items. Read more...
Hand Held Bidet (Muslim Shower) 

G93) Price: $39.95 Add to Cart 

This chrome shower kit is easy to install in your existing flush tank source with no expensive professional plumbing support. The kit includes a connector with an integrated flow control valve, a nylon reinforced hose with a trigger operated spray,Read more...
Remind Me 
- ذكِّرني - Binding: Paperback 
CL03) Price: $10.95 Add to Cart 

Keep the sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) alive around the house with these colorfully illustrated reminders. There are 6 different themes covering morning and evening times, getting dressed, leaving and returning Read more...
Eid Mubarak Latex Balloons (40 Pack) 

CR23) Price: $10.95 Add to Cart 

Colorful Eid decoration balloons that are fun and help build your children's Muslim identity. This pack includes 40 balloons in assorted colors (green, blue, red, yellow, dark green, and orange) and are around 12 inches in size. Read more...
Arabic: Majmuah Zahabiyah (10 Book Set) 
- المجموعة الذهبية 
Pages: 542 - Binding: Paperback 
E05) Price: $79.95
On Sale: $64.95 Add to Cart 

This package contains 10 full color Arabic booklets for children and adults. They cover a wide range of interesting topics including Quran/Tafseer, Tajweed, Hadith study, supplications, how to pray, stories of Prophets and even learning the Read more...
Black Seed Oil (4oz Bottle) 

F110) Price: $19.95 Add to Cart 

Amazing Herbs Premium 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Black Cumin Seed Oil is a rich source of EFA's and offers many nutritional benefits for good health. 100% Pure, Black Seed Oil (Also known as Black Cumin Oil) Cold Pressed & Solvent F Read more...
Black Seed Whole Herb (16oz Jar) 

F113) Price: $15.95 Add to Cart 

Black Seed Whole Herb - Packed in 16oz black plastic container. Ideal for cooking, adds flavor and color to potatoes, salads, yogurt, etc. Tastes great lightly toasted. Ingredients: 100% Pure, non-iradiated, untreated, and unwashed Black (Cum Read more...
Mosques of the World Calendar 2014 
- Collectors Edition with Gregorian & Hijrah Dates 
G50) Price: $10.95 Add to Cart 

Beautiful Mosque of the World calendar features 8 Mosques from around the world. Includes a Bonus Quran Recitation Mp3 CD by Ahmad Al-Ajmy. This year calendar features: An Islamic Calendar collection of beautiful paintings of MosquesRead more...
Eid Stamps (Pane of 20) 

G72) Price: $9.75 Add to Cart 

Alhamdulillah, the U.S. Postal Service has reissued the Eid stamp in the Holiday Celebrations series. Use this stamp on all your letters and spread the message of this beautiful stamp. First issued in 2001, the stamp commemorates the two most imp Read more...
Divine Will and Predestination (Vol. 6) 
- القضاء والقدر 
By: Umar Sulaiman al-Ashqar 
Pages: 159 - Binding: Hardback 
RP08) Price: $10.95 Add to Cart 

The will and decree of Allah: Is this a matter which is directly relevant to the day-to-day life of the Muslim, or is it an obscure topic best left to the debates of philosophers and theologians? Does it imply that Muslims are ‘fatalists&rsquo Read more...
Urdu: Mere Sunehray Safar Naamay 

By: Abdul Malik Mujahid 
Pages: 391 - Binding: Hardback 
U100) Price: $29.95 Add to Cart 
Urdu: Dawrah-e-Quran (2 Mp3 CDs) 

By: Dr. Farhat Hashmi 
UM07) Price: $12.95 Add to Cart 

Dawrah-e-Quran in Urdu by Dr. Farhat Hashmi. Verse by verse Urdu translation with explanation. Recorded in women's Ramadan Class 2010. 2 Mp3 CDs contain 137 audio Mp3 files each covering 1 section of the Qur'an and are on average 1/2 hour long. Read more...
Urdu: Telawat wa Tarjumah Quran Majeed (32 CDs) 

By: Imam Sodais & Shuraim 
UM17) Price: $74.95 Add to Cart 

Complete Quran Recitation with verse by verse Urdu Tarjumah on 32 Audio CDs done in high quality by Darussalam Studio Lahore, Pakistan. Quran recited by Imam-e-Kaba Abdur-Rahman Sodais and Saud Ash-Shuraim. Urdu Terjuma by Maulana Muhammad Junagarh Read more...

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